I'm working to combine social media feeds into a more cohesive user experience. This site is in the early stages, so it still links to remote sites. I'm further along with Gray School of Music, which seamlessly integrates photos from Picasa (Google+), video from YouTube, and status updates from Twitter.

For starters, I'm working to integrate these Web apps on RichHall.com:
  • About.me as a profile summary
  • Blogger for posting original content
  • Flickr for original images, synchronized to Google+ albums, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and Blogger
  • Pinterest for sharing third-party images as well as the Flickr feed
  • Tumblr for sharing third-party content as well as my own Blogger posts, Flickr photos, and Pinterest pins
  • Google+ for comments and discussion, via Blogger
  • Twitter for public and private instant messaging, with links to other feed updates.
  • Google Apps for many other purposes, including this static page.

Interest in doing it yourself? Here is how the project started, along with some pointers.